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The Calling: Earth podcast is a production of the University of South Florida Libraries 

in cooperation with the USF School of Geosciences. 




The People Behind Calling: Earth



Meghan Cook is a geologist attempting to inundate the USF Libraries with rocks. Her ideas and type-A (read: annoying) organizational skills act as magmatic fuel akin to a subducting plate at a convergent plate boundary. Meghan holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Geology, specializing in Geoscience Education. She has left the USF Libraries as of November 2021 in pursuit of a postdoctoral position at Purdue Northwest. 








In 2005, Drew Smith realized that the world was just waiting to hear his voice, and so he began podcasting (about genealogy). He especially enjoys taking complex content and making it sound marginally less complex, at least enough to be enjoyable to the average listener. Today, when he’s not spending time researching everyone’s family tree in search of skeletons in the closet, he uses his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and his 23 years of being a member of the USF faculty to help the USF community with their engineering and information science questions. Officially, he’s an Associate Librarian in the USF Libraries’ Research and Instruction team.






As a resident of Earth, Matt Torrence is almost certainly in possession of the minimum qualifications to host this entertaining and educational podcast. Aside from his skills at being alive, Matt excels at trivia in public situations and learning just enough about anything to be dangerous. He has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Sciences, Management, and Policy from USF. He is a 20+ year member of the USF Libraries faculty and is currently Associate Librarian for the School of Geosciences, College of Sustainability, College of Marine Science






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